Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous Gibson Girl Lace Gown!

From the seller:

Simply stunning lace gown in the Gibson Girl, early 1900's, fashion. This pigeon-breasted, off-the-shoulder dress drapes gracefully along the body and flares to an elegant train. The dress is made almost entirely of ecru net, intricately embroidered with floral and leaf motifs in the tambour style and enhanced with appliqued lace and cut-work. The cut and embroidery beautifully frame the natural curves of the body, while the neckline and sleeves are trimmed with cotton ruffles, ribbon and lace trims. The gown closes with hooks and eyes down the back. (Shown over a pink dress that is not included.)

All measurements are approximate, taken with the garment lying flat on the ground

Bust: 40"

Waist: 32"

Hips: 38"

Length Front (waist to floor): 44"

Length Back (waist to floor): 54"

Condition: Very Good to Excellent
This gown is really in superb condition; net is very strong and clean and the embroidery is intact without any signs of fraying or weakness. I think it even still has all its hooks and eyes, although I could have overlooked one. The only imperfections are a series of holes in the net, which in no way affect the embroidery and are hard to pick out in all that fabric. There's a few on the back on the hip and a few on the bottom of the skirt. I count 7 holes total, the largest of which is a little over 1cm in diameter; the rest are about 1/2 cm in diameter or less. Considering the age and beauty of the gown, I'm surprised it doesn't show more signs of wear, but other than a few, barely noticeable pin holes, its in amazing condition.

From Me:
Oh. My. God. It's beautiful. It's pink. It's a very wearable size. Why is this not mine?


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  2. Was wondering if this is being sold if so where? I would love to buy this for my wedding

    1. Hi and welcome to my blog! I post extant items I find from various auction sites (linked back via the "From the seller") here. Everything I post is an antique garment and never meant to be worn in the 21st century. Like us, garments become frail and brittle with age - they just tend to show their age more gracefully. Something this old - it's from the turn of the last century- would fall apart and be ruined before you even made it to the alter. Not only would that be embarrassing for you, but that would also mean that future generations could not learn from the garment and appreciate it's beauty. It would be sort of like trying to wear a Monet - not a good idea. :-)

  3. where can i purchase this dress or something very similar contact me at www.facebook.com/jannamieflowers or darrylsw@hotmail.co.uk thankyou.

    1. I'm glad to see the lack of capitalization, proper spacing, and punctuation is not an American-only faux pas. :-D

      This dress is well over 100 years old - and is now in a private collection. You can't get something similar unless you make it yourself or have an excellent seamstress commission one for you. Everything on this blog is an antique garment that is in a private collection now. The blog is for researching these garments to help recreate them as well as to learn more about our ancestors that wore them.

  4. Beautiful!! I would love recreate this dress. Thank you for posting. I love antiques. Whether it be jewelry, clothing, furniture or homes.

  5. Need to not get dropped on era...

  6. Where can I purchase this dress?