Monday, December 5, 2011

1890's Wrapper Dress

From the seller:
This auction is for a Romantic Victorian maternity/day dress or wrapper. The fabric is a wonderfully soft medium-weight cotton flannel with a beautiful drape. It's color appears a little darker and shinier in the photos. The bodice has elegant puffed sleeves with gathered cuffs and a high collar with a yoke and decorative ruffles. Below the yoke,it's front falls straight to the floor in soft folds. This design motif is coordinated on the back with the added element of decorative smocking to pull the fabric in at the waist. It allows the fabric to form a small bustle and creates an elegant sweep. A self fabric belt fastens at the waist by hooking. I have shown it hooked in front and reversed to hook in the rear, though strictly speaking, the position of the hook suggests it wasn't meant to be worn this way. Still, pin a bow of ribbon over it for a fun and pretty alternative! There is an inner bodice of brown cotton. It's bottom was left unfinished, which is consistent with the period. Also present on the right side is a very convenient pocket!

Condition is Excellent! The hooks are a little rusty, that's all I can find wrong. The wrapper is strong and wearable! Measurements are 52 inch front length (from neck hook to floor), 31 inch waist if the belt is hooked closed, there is more room if it it's fastened behind. The inner bodice waist is 29 inches, but can be left unhooked. The bust is very full, with the inner bodice closed, it measures 32 inches. Again, there is a lot of gathering here, so the measurement can be larger if left unhooked inside.

From Me:
This is a beauty. The overall shape is consistent with the 1890's.

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