Monday, December 5, 2011

Late Victorian Early Edwardian Lot!

Most Likely a late 1880's beautiful teal jacket
Close up of the back left shoulder of the teal jacket

1890's wild jacket front
1890's wild jacket back

Early Edwardian/Late Victorian jacket front
Early Edwardian/Late Victorian Jacket Side
Early Edwardian/Late Victorian Jacket Back

Edwardian Jacket Front
Edwardian Jacket Close-up of bottom front

Hat Love!
Top of the Edwardian Hat

From the seller:

Up for auction is my collection of Victorian clothing that is being sold AS IS.

This collection consists of 4 jackets~ The first photo is my favorite silk taffetta jacket that has several tears that are about 2" long. Lining is shredded. Beautiful piece for display/study. Photos # 1& 2

2nd jacket/waist is photo # 3,4 & and is black cotton with a lace covering. There is a 3" rip on the lace on the sleeve. This piece is not in bad condition.

3rd jacket is heavy velvet and I don't see any holes or rips, but a lot of wear on the velvet. Photos 11 & 6

4th jacket/waist is a cobalt blue in color with (replaced but antique) bone buttons. There are a few holes, some staining on the back and some wear to jacket. Photos 12 & 8.

The first silk taffetta skirt is in bad shape with a 12" tear in the back and a few other tears. Poor condition.

Second silk taffetta skirt has a 6" tear, smaller tears, holes and damage under the waist. Poor condition.

The black velvet hat has shredding on the top, but looks OK if on display.

In March I had a major fire at my house and even though this lot made it out, the restoration people didn't handle them properly and because of that they suffered this damage. I can not look at things associated with the fire. Please note that there is no smoke odor (they were de-smoked), and the room these were displayed in was the only room that my things survived. It's only because of the association that I can no longer keep them, and hope someone will give them a good home.

I can send addition photos upon request. Thank you!

From Me:

I thought about breaking this up but, as it all most likely was owned by the same person, I wanted to show the changes the clothing went through over a few decades.

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