Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1840's Outfit!

From the seller:

Since someone has unfairly reported me for 'copyright infringement' pertaining to the listing on this outfit, I now have to go to the trouble of relishing the item and explaining in different wording the facts about this dress. I apologize to the former bidders for someone else's sour grapes. I have also listed additional photos that I had to hurry to take since the person who reported me also complained the photos were copyright infringement. I apologize for the poor photos however I will be glad to send the better photos to anyone who requests them personally. I am two weeks past cancer surgery, needed to get these on eBay and I do not have the exceptional studio and dress forms as the person who I purchased these from. Please bid if you want the gown as this will be my last attempt at dealing with this type of forum. My reserve is $250 on this dress. Here is my new explanation:

This is a an antique dress made from a golden silk fabric. The dress is a two-piece dress dating to about the 1840's. It is woven with alternating satin stripes and a tiny motif. The bodice has a fan pleated front with center front opening underneath it as well as inner stays, long narrow sleeves with pleating around the elbows and capped off with with epaulettes. The skirt is finely gathered and sewn onto a cotton waistband. The dress has a few condition issues - there are pin holes are scattered in the fabric as well as two small rust colored stains. Also about an inch sized area of loss to the back right cuff (see photos). Bust is 33", waist 25". Despite the issues this dress presents a very nice typical example of a late 1840s dress. It will display well and make the owner very happy. This comes from a non-smoking home.

Thanks for looking and good luck.

From Me:

My guess is that the poor seller bought this a few months ago off of ebay and used the same stuff in the previous auction...which you can't really do.

Anyway, this is a lovely example of the 1840's and I do wish the seller had better photos of the dress on display. I love the sleeve detail!

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