Monday, December 17, 2012

Copper 1890's Suit

From the seller:

This auction is for a beautiful copper-colored late Victorian two piece (bodice / jacket and skirt) walking suit for a very tiny but tall young lady. The fully lined and boned bodice / jacket closes all the way up the front to the throat with a series of hooks and eyes. The lapels and collar of the jacket are trimmed with jet beads, but the strings have broken in places and some of the beads are missing (please refer to the pictures for details). This trim is echoed in the sleeves, and also some of that trim is missing. There is no petersham or maker’s label in the bodice. There are, however, little “sweat-guards” in each arms’eye, which is nice, as they have protected the fabric under the arms from damage. There are two rows of sparkly decorative buttons on the front of the bodice. Most unfortunately, four of which have been stolen by someone in the not-so-recent past (there is the ghost of soiling around the fabric where the buttons kept the fabric clean, so we know the buttons were there until recently, and I know I didn’t snatch them – the suit came to me that way). If you are to display the outfit, perhaps cross the sleeves and place a hat or bouquet in them to hide that area of the front, or replace the buttons altogether.

The skirt is cut as a simple gored skirt, slightly longer in the back than front, lined with polished cotton and with an orange velvet band around the bottom to help protect the hem.

The fabric is solid and a beautiful color – I think the 5th picture best captures the true hue. It is way too tiny for any modern human to wear, but would make a gorgeous display. There is light soiling to the front of the bodice, but thanks to the darker color of the fabric, it is very difficult to notice. I don’t see any other stains, rips, tears, etc., to this outfit.

OK, measurements (measured flat and best I can): Bodice: waist is 21”, the bust is about 28”, the shoulders across the back is only about 9”, the length of the skirt at the front is about 41”, and the length at the back is about 48” with a sweep of 103”. Very tiny indeed!

If you have any questions, or if you want more or better questions, please just let me know. I am trying to thin out my dress collection a bit, and hoping that this can find a good home with another lover of vintage clothing (I actually have two suits of this beautiful copper color). If your plan is to cut it up for doll clothes, I respectfully ask that you please do NOT bid!!!

Thanks for looking, check out my other eBay auctions if you have time, and happy eBaying!

From Me:
This is FABULOUS! I'd love to see this done as a Steampunk outfit.

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