Monday, December 17, 2012

Wild 1890's Day Dress Wrapper

From the seller:

1880's Cretone / Velvet Morning Dress SM

Victorian morning dress made from cretone and trimmed in a dark forest green velvet. It has scattered spots, quite a few frayed spots or holes, some kind of large that will need to be backed. Measures 32 inches around the bust might get another inch by moving the hooks and eyes, waist is 30, across the back shoulder is 11 3/8 inches and it's 52 1/4 inches long in front, dipping longer in back. Fair condition, as is.
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From Me:

Not the 1880's...not with those sleeves. I know, this almost looks like a recreation via the 1970's but I've seen some wild prints come out of the 1890's so I'm pretty sure this is real.


  1. Isabella - were there any pics of the interior? While I concur on the dating, I still have reservations. It has a theater costume feel to me. I guess that is the fun of being the vintage gown detective!

    1. No, no interior photos. Honestly, I thought it was a costume as well for a bit. What changed my mind were some of the fashion plates from 1895 showing a similar neckline:

      There was also a close up picture I didn't include that shows "age" that also helped to push me into the antique not costume category:

      Along with the very detailed, pleated back. The way the skirt "flares" doesn't look, to me, like something a theater would go to the trouble of doing. Perhaps a movie studio but I doubt they'd use that bright a print. Also, I have a very brightly printed wrapper from the same era which was the final "push" towards actual antique. Yes, it still could be a good theater costume but there is a lot to support actual antique as well.