Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stripey! 1890's Bodice and black skirt.

From the seller:
ITEM: vintage / antique 2 pc outfit/dress - skirt, top
DESIGN / PATTERN: I believe this to be victorian, top is boned and has hook and eye closures, has sleeves that are huge puffy on top and very thin and fitted near the wrist. the skirt is very full, the collar is high. Skirt has a tag reading "McKeen Bros Easton PA" ( I googled this but nothing really came up except a reference to a person named McKeen living in Easton in the last 1800's - nothing specifically about a shop that could be linked to a date)
blouse has hook and eye closure up the entire front, has 2 large bows on either side of collar
COLOR: skirt is solid black and top is black and white striped
MATERIAL: not sure - it's a thin material without any stretch
CONDITION: very nice except for under arm stains, a few other minor flaws here and there, a few things need some repair stitches, etc. some hook/eye closures are missing, no major tears or stains except for the underarms. does have a musty smell from being in storage
MARK / MAKER: tag is skirt reads "McKeen Bros Easton PA"
AGE: I believe it's Victorian age ( late 1800s -early 1900's ?)
SIZE: Bust around 32, waist around 22"
ADDITIONAL DETAILS : see photos for details !! I'm happy to provide more photos or answer any questions !
Selling a few other items of Victorian clothing - so please check my other auctions

From Me:

This one is all about the bodice.

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