Monday, December 17, 2012

Small Bustle Era Corset

From the seller:


Waist 21" Bust 27"

Small size
Taille longue en satin de coton ivoire cordé brodé de croisillon en soie jaune sur les hanches et la poitrine, décolleté orné de dentelle, fermeture à crochets sur busc en -dos de cuillère-

Very Good/Perfect Condition

From Me:

Okay, here is my VERY bad attempt at translating the French. (Please note, I can barely speak proper English, let alone any other language! Well, Latin...)

Long size in satin with ivory cotton, embroidered in yellow silk at the bust and hips, lace detail along the neckline, closure with hooks on the spoon busk

Yeah, I know. I shouldn't attempt to play translator. Ever.

BTW, thank you Nate at the Young Writers Society for mentioning my blog. If anyone has questions on any particular style for a story you are writing, feel free to ask. Honest. Despite what Nate might say, I don't bite or hit that hard. ;-) (He's my brother so he might have a slightly biased opinion.)


  1. Just so you know, I was addicted to eBay and Etsy for YEARS, but then, I discovered your blog. Now, I'm not just like "Oooo! Must have that!" I'm constantly going "Oooo! That needs to be on All the Pretty Dresses!"

    1. LOL! I try to put up as many as I can. I really want this to be a semi-searchable place where anyone can come for research on any specific era. There are outfits in museums but they were typically owned by the wealthy and weren't - necessarily- what was actually be worn by the majority of the middle or lower classes. Also the museum dresses were typically worn once and never again - hence their excellent condition.