Thursday, December 13, 2012

Edwardian Shoes!

edwardian shoes 001

edwardian shoes 002

edwardian shoes 004

edwardian shoes 003

edwardian shoes 005

edwardian shoes 010

edwardian shoes 011

edwardian shoes 012

You can see the white shoes previously here.

From Me:

Why no "From the seller"? Because I can't remember when the heck I got the black and tans. :-) These are both Edwardian shoes that are now apart of my personal collection. (I'll try to get pictures of the Regency shoes I have tomorrow!) The black is a day shoe that looks very similar to the Gibson shoe American Duchess will be offering next year.

The black shoe has a nice almost Art Deco tan leather design on the side but a very sensible heel. You can see the difference in the heels when I put the two shoes together. Although they are both roughly from the same period, the white shoe is clearly for evening or "special occasion" wear.

I *think* both shoes are roughly a modern 6.5 but I wouldn't dare try them on anyone to find out. The leather on both is in excellent condition. The white shoes leather is a very fine kid leather while the black shoes feel more like my everyday work shoes leather (I work in an office and wear mary janes or mules a lot.)

Because these are just upstairs, feel free to ask questions about them. Or, if you want pictures of other items in my collection, just ask. I need to start organizing those buggers better...

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