Monday, December 17, 2012

Really big greyish robe thing

From the seller:

Antique Vintage Beige Silk Robe Or Coat
We are selling an antique vintage light cocoa brown or deep beige silk robe or open coat. It measures about 42 inches down from neckline to hem on back and about 26 inches across just under sleeves on back. The 2 front sides have 2 1/2 inch pleated bands and silk sleeves are 11 inches long. There are no buttons or closings on the robe. It is lined on inner top area with an off white quilted cotton batten type fabric and the bottom 14 inches of lining is off white flannel with gray, pink and black butterflies. There are also bands of the flannel lining on inner front sides of the robe and 3 inch wide flannel bands on the sleeves. The stitches on the garment’s hem and sleeves are poorly done by hand, right front side has 12 inch tear on inner lining where it joins the back and right front has 6 inch by 4 area where there are light black spots, left front has similar spotting near sleeve seam and sleeves have a few black spots and silk is wrinkled but garment could be used as a costume or display piece.

From Me:

I bought this. It is HUGE! I mean, summa wrestler HUGE. I do have pictures of it "somewhere". I'll take some more by the end of the year, I'm sure. Basically, the flannel pieces with the butterflies were clearly added later. The way it's styled right now it's from the teens era. It has a kimono like cut and the butterfly fabric is straight out of the teens. And yes, it's unfinished.

I got someone else's Unfinished Object!

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