Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1890's Young Miss Dress

From the seller:

This listing is for an antique early cotton print dress, Victorian era, mid 1800's. Judging by the size and style, this would have been for a young teen girl. The fabric is a thinly woven cotton, and fully lined with a solid ivory cotton. The pattern is floral and appears to be eggplant or dark brown. The trim around the collar and hemline is an autumn gold. Brown silk moire ribbon bows are attached at each side of the waist. The bodice has a nice blouson effect and the rounded sleeves are full at the top and narrow at the wrist, such as is common to the era. There are no holes or tears in the dress that I could find. The main signs of age are the wear to the trim and ribbons and the rust like stains. The faint pink spotting, mainly near the hemline, appears to be where the dye of the flowers may have bled a bit. A good solid fabric.


Across shoulder seams, 11 1/4"---Sleeve length, 21" (rounded)---Around bust,32"---Around waistline, 21"---Length, 44"

From Me:

The styling also suggests a young girl rather than a grown woman. The way the collar and the "fluffy" bodice are cut is more appropriate for a pre-teen girl.

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