Monday, December 17, 2012

Edwardian Underbust Corset

From the seller:

Victorian Corset from the late 1800's:
* originally purchased in the late 1800's for a wedding
* shows some signs of wear but that is not unexpected, considering the age
* no attempt has been made to clean this item so as not to damage it
* the lace is in remarkably beautiful shape
* the lacing is still intact
* mark inside says Thomson's Glove Fitting, a corset manufactured in 1868..."In dress, everything depends on the corset; no dress, however well made, can fit a figure properly if the corset does not." (Corset comments, 1868-1910)

This lovely piece was purchased by a relative for her wedding in the late 1800's and then worn only for special occasions after that. It was long forgotten until the homestead was recently put up for sale. This is truly a treasure from the past.

From Me:

I sincerely doubt this is from the 1890's or earlier. Instead, this looks like a late 1900's/early 1910's piece.

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