Friday, December 28, 2012

Navy Blue Turn of the Century Dress

From the seller:

This gown dates to the Victorian 1890’s and is fashioned of a navy charmeause silk rich in shine. The gown is two piece in its construction, skirt falls full length with cascading sheer silk chiffon ruffles around the bottom with its rear flowing in a full train. The bodice is topped with pleat white silk around the neckline, cuffs in bell chiffon ruffles with ruffles fully around the neckline with a large ruffle rosette in the front center. Stitched silk belting is around the waistline, bodice interior is fully boned. Soiling is seen to the white silk around the neckline with a neckline edge having fray completely around, beaded appliques would fully hide if so desired. The bottom skirting has six inches of loose ruffling that needs to be re-tacked back into place. The condition is otherwise excellent, strong and wearable and makes for a most becoming display. Measures 32 inches around the bust, 23 inches around the waist, and 15 inches in its length with the skirt measuring 26 inches around the waist, 41 inches in front length, and 54 inches in its training rear length.

From Me:

I think this is more early 1900's than 1890's but it's in that Turn of the Century point.

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