Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Black Lace Turn of the Century Outfit

From the seller:

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This is an enchanting trained ball gown from the 1890's. It has a label on the waistband signed by the dressmaker "Travers" and then an address, but no city is mentioned.

It exudes romance... and for we day dreamers who wish we could have attended a true Victorian ball and walked down that spiral staircase, train languishing behind... there is a sense of grand history in just looking at it.

This is from the huge collection that was my mother and grandmother's. In my listings you will find items from 1830-1980.

First the skirt.
It has an underskirt of black taffeta. The kind that rustles when you walk, so that heads turn. It is crushable without breakage.
It has a single hook and eye closure at the waist, and two hooks above it to attach to the blouse.
Running down the front and back are two long rows of black sequins in a diamond pattern and accented with flower "petals" of black jet beads. On each side of the dress are large squares of the same trim. 1/3 up from the hem is a large pattern of the beads and sequins that is incredible in it's intricacy. Please look at the photo. Then there are four rows of silk ruffles.

The lace... yum. A beautiful tambour lace pattern of swiss polka dots and vertical rows of stem to flowers.
I put two large antique slips beneath this skirt and there was still a lengthy train behind.

The skirt is in excellent shape. There are mends in the lace needed near the waist band that I have photographed for you, and two on the hem, and that is all I saw.
Waist 30"
It is so beautiful. It is lined in black taffeta as well, there are no rips in the lining.
It has a high collar, there are mends needed, a simple backing of black net and taking down of the lace would repair it.

There are two beaded medallions in the front, they are not identical. A third hangs lower with a diagonal piece of sequinned trim next to it. There is satin ribbon at the waist and on the elbow.

There is a large swath of silk that runs front to back and all outlined in sequins and jet beads.

But for the mend needed at the collar I see no other necessary mends.
Bust 36" waist 26" sleeve length 22"

This was a "pride and joy" of my mother's collection, and deservedly so.

From Me:

I swear, I know that mannequin. I've seen her somewhere before. In person....

Oh, and this isn't 1890's but 1900's.

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