Thursday, December 20, 2012

Huge Lot of Edwardian Blouses

From the seller:

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view our auction!


Up for your bidding consideration is a fantastic lot of *11* different items, all dating from the late 1800's to the early 1900's! This lot comprises of a pair of brown leather victorian walking shoes, two lace bonnets (one with darling pink silk ribbon!), one velvet velour 'corset' shirt, a blue sheer 1900's shirt with INCREDIBLE buttons (please see photos!), a silk with mesh titanic era shirt, 1920's silk lingerie teddy and white decorative cotton shirts in varying lengths and conditions.

The brown velour 'corset' shirt was in the process of being sized down by the original owner back in the day so there are varying antique straight pins in it, etc. The overall condition is pretty good with the exception being that it smells slightly of body odor.

The blue sheer shirt has some discoloration on the back as well as under the arms but has fantastic buttons down the front as well as on the sleeves. The detailing is exquisite.

The titanic era silk and mesh shirt is in fantastic condition. There are pearl like buttons down the back but no holes for them.

The bonnets are darling and would be perfect on display!

The rest of the white shirts have varying amounts of fabric weakness, stains, etc but the designs are absolutely fantastic and would be perfect as patterns or display. The designs are quite intricate and very indicitive of the era they represent.

The 1920's silk teddy has some lace breaks but the silk seems to be in good condition. The crotch closes with porcelain buttons.

Other items small items (like trim) might be added to this lot as they are found. :)

All in all - a perfect lot to display, to make patterns from, for plays or for the fabric itself! Measurements are available upon request.

From Me:

This is one of those times I really wish blogger had a "cut" code so that you didn't have to scroll through 22 pictures...sigh.

Anyway, almost all of these are from the early teens era with a a few being from earlier in the 1900's. The velvet bodice *might* be from the very late 1890's, but considering the rest of the lot, I'm going with 1900's for that one too.

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