Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hats off, Gentlemen, if you please

From the seller:

Rare and seldom encountered in any condition, this is an outstanding example of an early U.S. Officer Chapeau Cocked Hat Headdress which dates from the early 19th Century, Circa 1830-40. It is constructed of beautiful black felt which is enhanced with lovely bullion trim and has survived in very nice original condition with only a small seam opening on the very top on one side. The original inside black silk liner is present however is now worn with age. (please note other items shown as props are not included in this auction)

From Me:

I looked up the US Naval Uniforms and it does look like it could be from around the 1830's but I'd even put it as early as the war of 1812 based upon the height of the hat. However, I'll differ to the seller on this one since I know very little on hats.

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