Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cutest Plaid 1860's Wrapper Evah!



From the seller:

Antique Edwardian ladies dress
1. original not reproduction
2. completely hand stitched, no sewing machine
3. plaid is a little stiff and scratchy, cotton
4. top is fully lined including sleeves with two shades of polished cotton
5. velvet ribbon put on by hand
6. 4 buttons have been replaced, with newer cover buttons, buttons are all velvet covered
7. cotton bustle sewn into back, is stuffed with paper, probably originally stuffed with cotton bats
8. condition is good but not perfect
9. some under arm wearing
10. clean not stained
11. two seams need to be repaired, they have come open, each about 6 in. long, easy fix
12. fabric is narrow so many seams to get correct width
13. found 2 small holes
14. belt end has been cut, may have had a buckle
1. across shoulders, 17 in.
2. sleeves, 19 in.
3. bust 32 in.
4. waist, 26 in.
5. length front from waist 42 in.
6. length back from waist 44 in.
Notice the sleeve will drop of the shoulder slightly
Dress can be worn with or without the collar, collar is separate and tacked on
This dress has some problems but can be repaired
Dress belonged to Doti Bilodeau in Groveland Mass, tag in the neck
Free handling tracking and priority shipping in US

From Me:

This is just too nice and cheerful and it has pockets?!? *dies*


  1. The seller says Edwardian, I think maybe its more 1860s? That plaid is outstanding!!

    1. Yes, 1860's. I put the 1860's tag on it and in the title but didn't bother to explain it in the comments. ;-) I was a bit too distracted by the pretty pretty plaid. I'd hazard to guess, based upon the skirt of the dress and the way the sleeves are constructed - it might be from the very end of the American Civil War right on up to about 1868.