Friday, December 28, 2012

American Civil War Era Mourning Dress

From the seller:

Antique Civil War Era Black Silk Taffeta Mourning Gown with Embroidered Collar as found

This gown dates to the Civil War era and is fashioned of black silk taffeta with a polished cotton lining. The skirting meets the piped waist with rich cartridge pleating, the gown closes with hook and eyes up the front, front closure is trimmed in velvet covered buttons with a collar around the neckline in hand embroidered cotton batiste with the large corners having a wheat ear couched embroidered detail. The sleeves have epaulets at the shoulder that are trimmed in three bands of flat silk velvet piping, piped seams run fully down the inner arm with matching velvet piping in chevron detail at the cuff and finished at the edge with piping and a fine lace. Wool binding trims the bottom edge hem. The gown is sewn fully by hand throughout. There is a fingertip hole at the skirt opening on the bottom front, several pinhead holes along the enclosure with split and fray seen on the middle rear back and on top of both shoulders, the splitting does not go into the rest of the gown. The bottom hem has two fingertip sized holes, sold as found, reflective of the condition. Measures 32 inches around the bust, 23 inches around the waist, 53 inches in its length, with its bottom hem flowing a full 150 inches around.

From Me:

First, this:

Second; I *think* this might be a maternity gown because the waist in the front looks a lot higher than in the back but it might be the way the mannequin is standing as well.

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