Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mid 1860's Outfit

From the seller:

Two piece day dress about 1863-64. At this point the skirts started to become shaped by gores instead of just a round square cartridge or box pleated to the bodice. This is also 2 piece enabling her to wear it with another bodice. The fabric started life as a pretty violet color which has now almost completely faded (which is called fugative dye) to an overall brown. The original color can now only be seen under the arms, where perspiration preserved it (go figure!) and in thread most plainly seen in the buttonholes. The buttons are ball covered with thread and there are still 8 of them. The taffeta is ripping in places due to age, and there are some holes. The skirt has not faded uniformly and some light violet spots can still be seen. The whole skirt has been fortified with tarleton or light crinoline and the hem has a stiff facing of polished cotton 8 inches wide. The hem has braid on the edge to combat wear. The skirt is enormous! It is 160 inches around and trains in the back. The bodice has bust padding and a waist belt, which is more often seen in bustle dresses. The bodice is entirely flat faced. The measurements are tiny. The waist is 21 inches and the bust is 31inches. The skirt is 44" long in front and 58 inches long in back. The front of the skirt sews flat to the waistband, and the back is cartridge pleated to it. This dress was have to be stabilized in lots of places for it to be worn. Please ask any questions. Thanks for looking!

On Nov-26-12 at 09:42:20 PST, seller added the following information:

I rechecked and the skirt actually measures 195" in circumference.

From Me:

This would have been lovely in purple!

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  1. I had forgotten about the almost triangular shape of the bodice and skirts at this point. Thank you for your post it is great