Friday, December 14, 2012

Bustle Era Fancy Dress Bodice

From the seller:

This very beautiful PURE SILK ,( entirely hand stitched!!) bodice probably dates to c.1860 - c. 1870. So sorry there is no skirt!
The waist on this is only 18 inches. The fabric is ivory colored with exquisite SMALL FLORAL repeat throughout. While the bodice and fabric are
sturdy and in excellent condition... there is unfortunately an area on lower right front of bodice and sleeve that are very dark brown,
see photos. If you are very handy with a needle (remember this was entirely needle made to begin with) there is enough fabric
under the folds that you could use to cover stains. ) This bodice is worthy of this attention. There are bones on the interior
and about 15 hook and eyes on back as well as sleeve ends.

This is a no return so PLEASE ask any questions you may have and please wait for invoice with exact ship quote.


From Me:

I can see why the seller wanted to put this in the 1860's but it's the V front that threw me into the 1870's. This is very much a bodice for "Fancy Dress". The double darts in the front inside are something very common during the Bustle Era. The way the front is pleated is more common in the 1840's and 50's but it could easily be employed again for Fancy Dress. The shoulders also suggest a later 1870's date.

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