Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Early Edwardian Black Bodice

From the seller:

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view our auction!


There is a reserve on this auction. *Please* feel free to contact me if you'd like to know what the reserve is. :)
What an incredible find!

Up for your bidding consideration is a drop dead gorgeous mourning shirt - coming to you from the late 1800's! This shirt is just stunning. It features black lace, sequins, beaded dangles, puff sleeves, mesh 'peekaboo' front with tasteful sweetheart neckline, high neck, faceted black glass beaded trim, sequin belt and interior boned corset construction.

Truly a work of art that *could* be worn if you were tiny enough and careful. It would no doubt look stunning on display as well!

The only imperfections that I can find is the mesh is lined in a nude colored silk that is slowly shattering, the sequin belt at the waist is missing a hook/eye, one of the ribbons that runs down the front has detached from the belt and a seam that measures 1.5" has come undone near the shoulder. The mesh fabric at the neck is strong enough to support itself, so you could take out the shattering nude silk if you are so inclined. :)

There is a label with gold writing sewn into the waist band that states "Giddings Brothers Colorodo Springs."


Bust: 33"
Waist: 25"
Sleeve Length: 12"

Please allow 1-2" of 'wiggle room' if you intend to wear this beauty. :)

Don't miss out on a chance to own a piece of fashion history in stunning shape!

From Me:

This is not from the late 1800's, but a lovely example of the early 1900's. It's also not a "mourning shirt" but an evening bodice. You would no more wear this while in mourning than you would wear a black sequin dress today to a funeral - it would be considered under most circumstances to be tacky.

Oh, and since the weather is horrible outside and we are stuck inside at work because they decided it was too bad to let people out early and it was safer to stay at work and there is so nothing coming in because there are a grand total of ten people working today, I'm just posting whatever at this point. I know, this run on sentence just drove every teacher on my blog completely mad. :-)

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