Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bustle Era Holly Hobbie?

From the seller:

This is quite special.

An 1870's Victorian cotton bustle dress in beautiful, wearable condition... and a larger size to boot!
Plus--------- bonnet----gloves---- and reticule purse----!

First the dress.
Awesome... take a moment and look at the bustle area. There are 5 rows of pleated ruffles. The rows are seperated by a pink and white calico fabric. That area is squared off like a patchwork quilt. In the front of the dress there are about 150 tiny gathered pleats at the waistband that open up into the full skirt. They are hand sewn! There are three rows from the hem up in the pleated ruffles.
The waistband is made of the sweetest fabric. Tiny dark pink flowers on a cream background with teenie tiny brown leaves.
The skirt closes on the side and on the other side is a pocket.
It is important to note there are no rips nor tears nor mends in this skirt. There is one smaller than a dime spot on the back, I did not try to remove. It has not been cleaned. It closes with a hook and eye at the waistband.
Waist 30" length top of waistband to hem 40".

The blouse:
No rips nor tears no mends. The cuff is trimmed in an outline like a patchwork quilt as well in the pink and white fabric which goes arround the hem and the collar.
It has the pointed back on the hem which is an attached seperate piece which goes over the bustle area. It closes with brass hooks and eyes, all of them are present. The only issue at all is rust stains on the inside lining of the jacket (they do not bleed through).
Bust 38" waist 32" sleeve length 21" top shoulder seam 6". The arms of the sleeves are slightly lower, so the dress could be the late 1860's as well. Top of the shoulder to hem 25".
Gloves: Pink cotton and from the 1950's I believe but with a wide cuff and embroidered and appliqued pattern on them. Clean with no stains.Measure across the knuckle area 3 1/4 ".

Purse: Crochet ecru thread from arround 1900. Dangle balls and dangle flowers. Three little dangle balls fell off and I enclosed them in the purse. It is quite detailed for such a tiny little thing.

Bonnet: I think this is of a later date as well. Made of cotton, it does have a spot on the back, the ruffle and the ties and a tiny pencil eraser sized hole on the top front, which you could cover with a bit of embroidery or a small flower and still keep within the era. The color of it matches the dress beautifully.

For photo purposes I added a bustle at the tush, as would have been worn back in the day. It is not included.

This is from the huge clothing collection that was my mother and grandmother's. In my listings you will find items from 1850-1980. I try to list every day. Some are auction, some are buy it now or best offer.

From Me:

I really, truly, believe this is someone's Holly Hobbie costume from the 1970's. If it were from the 1870's, you'd expect to see some sort of boning inside the bodice. However, just in case (plus it's so WEIRD!), I have to include it. Also, given the amount of "Costume or Real?"s lately, should I make a new tag for those? Feel free to comment below.

Oh, and this is Holly Hobbie for those too young to remember:

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  1. My first impression was maternity dress, thereby being so large. Someone had fun with its trims.
    But I'm not real familiar with Holly.