Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1860's Ball Gown Bodice

From The seller:

Antique Victorian era pink silk corset. Hook & eye closures on back, flexible stays in bodice. Size unknown, measures about 14" across chest armpit to armpt, 13" long. Armpits are stained and have some holes and wear (see photos). Bodice is in pretty good vintage condition.

From Me:

Late 1860's ball gown bodice.


Based upon comments and further research, I agree that this is earlier than 1860's.


  1. Why do you think it's late 1860s? I think it could be late 1850s through 1860s, although the sleeves seem earlier to me. You know more about c. 1870 than I do, though.

    1. Admittedly not the best source but: If you scroll down to "1860s Ball Gown Bodice" you'll see a pattern for a very similar styles bodice. It's the double darts that make me think even later as those are very common in Bustle Era items but don't seem to be as common earlier.

    2. I have that pattern. :) Double darts are common in the early 1860s, particularly for day dresses but also for evening, especially those with straight waists. I think this one is earlier, particularly since the line of the neck looks all the way off the shoulder instead of the tip-of-the-shoulder shallow scoop more typical in the 1860s. That's subjective, but the sleeve style as well is definitely early. Later sleeves are smaller, higher, and more structured.