Friday, December 14, 2012

1890's Ivory Dress

From the seller:

This is a lovely, two piece eary 1890's bustle gown. The top is of a changeable, lustrous challis fabric, the sleeves are of a ribbed silk satin. It closes in front with laces, the one shown is a replacement. The interesting sleeves have an Aesthetic influence, the ruffled collar giving an additional example of historical styling. The skirt is entirely of ivory challis, with a cotton underskirt. There is heavy pleating in back, smaller pleats at the side and front. The skirt in back has a "fall front" styling, the cotton waistband coming around in the front where it was tied or pinned. The skirt and bodice is lined with cotton, the bodice is boned. The skirt lining also has a heavy, reinforced challis hem.
In good condition, with some areas of general discoloration, a few reddish/brown streaks, one darker spot, below the waistand, mostly visible on the right and left hip areas. There are also two handprints sized area with thin areas towards the bottom of the skirt, a few other holes/worn areas throughout the skirt. This is somewhat camouflaged by the changeable quality of the silk. There is discoloration at the underarms. There is a tear to the lace at one of the sleeves.

The bust is about 33 1/2", waist 26 1/2". The skirt has a 24 waist, it's 33" long in front, about 34" long in back.

From Me:

Oh dearest seller. First, the bustle disappeared in the 1890's. Second, you have the bodice on backwards. Love, Me


  1. Best Review EVER! LOL!!

    1. The sad thing is s/he still has it up on ebay with the same pictures. I'm waiting to see if anyone will point it out....