Friday, December 28, 2012

1870's Bodice Jacket/Vest

From the seller:

This bodice dates to the 1870’s and is fashioned of a wool and silk bengaline with an inner polished cotton lining with all of its edges richly hand embroidered in green floss in a floral and leaf pattern. The rear tail is cut in large bustle form and there are no enclosures in the front as it is meant to be worn in open style. Five eraser sized holes are on the front right shoulder with an eraser sized hole on the rear beneath the neckline and one small break is seen at the left underarm. The piece is sewn by both machine and hand and is in strong wearable condition. Measures 32 inches around the bust, 24 inches around the waist, and 21 inches in its rear length.
Vintage clothing is described to its best and sold as found…and described as accurately as possible. The items HAVE NOT been cleaned and should be cleaned prior to wearing at the discretion of the buyer. Often for proper fit, hang, and wear ability, pieces will need to be altered and/or adding a hook or snap here or there, with a seam closure or strengthening needed. Vintage clothing is most often worn previously, and if old stock, often has slight imperfections from storage, a hint of color or odor.

From Me:

Okay so this has a little bit of color but it's still rather bleak looking.

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