Friday, December 28, 2012

Bustle Era Half Mourning (?) Dress

From the seller:

This bustle gown dates to the Victorian 19th C and is fashioned of a black silk faille, two piece in its construction. The bodice closes up the front with etched jet buttons, four are absent and have been replaced, I personally would move the buttons from the cuffs to replace. A silk cluny lace trims around the lapels, it shows weakness and I personally would remove. The skirting is lined in polished cotton with an inner ruched gathering with a drawstring tape. The bottom of the skirting is in heavy ruched effect running completely around with the inner skirting trimmed in box pleat ruffling that peaks out from beneath. The waistband has some fray where the piece was pinned together over the years, strengthening is needed and there is a frayed area to the silk on either side of the closure following along the waistband edge, it is hidden by the bodice when worn but I would repair to strengthen. The underarms show a mild stretched wear to the silk with several pinhead holes beneath the underarms and the collar edge is splitting, a new seam is needed. Small stretched seam wear is seen to the front seams and I personally would cover with a jet beading to fully hide. Despite the small flaws, this piece is in strong wearable condition and with added trims would be most becoming. Measures 36 inches around the bust, 28 inches around the waist, and 24 inches in its length, the skirt measures 28 inches around the waist, 41 inches in length, and a bottom sweep measuring 82 inches around.

From Me:

Most likely 1880's.

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