Thursday, December 13, 2012

mid to late 1860's Outfit

From the seller:

This is a vintage Victorian Civil War era 1860s dress gown. It is made of a golden orangish brown color silk taffeta fabric, with braided trim and ecru lace on the top. The dress has an attached fitted lined bodice with hook front closures, band collar, long sleeves, gathered pleating on the back waist & a lined very full hoop skirt with slight back train (hoop not included). Great for Design, Study or Pattern.
Condition: Vintage As-is Fair Condition. Several Small Splits in Silk Skirt & Underarms. Label: None

Measurements: Length 57" Sleeve 18" Bust 30" Waist 22" Bottom Skirt Circumference 152"

From Me:

The detailing on the bodice gives it a later date than the American Civil War. (I didn't know there was a Victorian one :-p.) I'm guessing maybe the very tail end (1865) into 1868 for this dress.


  1. Agreed! The square trim and very flat front are key. From the flat front, I might edge it into 1866. I have to say, the lace trim is something I haven't seen before. The placement makes the dress look square-shouldered (not yet a desirable look) and also risk sweat damage. Interesting.

    (aargh I hate the captcha! I can't get it! Now for try 3...)

    1. Captcha is even more evil at work where, apparently, the firewall deliberately puts up the wrong image. Drives me up the wall. I also copy my posts before I hit the publish button...

      Anyway, :-) the lace front confused me. It looks like it might have been tacked on at a later date (as part of a Halloween costume?). It looks like it was supposed to be viewed as a faux bolero jacket and maybe the lace that should have covered the back got lost with time? So, yeah, weird.