Friday, December 14, 2012

Teens Era White Lace and Satin Dress

From the seller:
This beautiful ca. 1912 gown is made from an ivory silk. It has beautiful lace trim, braid trimmed neckline and short, dolman sleeves, tucked bodice with a lace drape over one shoulder gathered ito a beaded applique. The sash has a diamond shaped paste buckle at the back. The skirt has a curved seam in front, it may have had a matching applique where the gathers are, but is missing now and there's a light stain on the net yoke on the edge, but I think you could get it out without soaking the whole dress, there are 2 dirty lines across the shoulder from hanging and a small hole, less that 1/8" on the shoulder, a few scattered pin holes, a small hole under one arm that has been backed with fabric, a little fading under one arm, the other underarm seam is opened about 1/2 inch, lace drape needs a few tacks to hold in place. It measures 36 inches around the bust, waist is 24,hips are 46 and it's 48 1/2 inches long. Very good vintage condition.  

From Me:

It's the way the back is draped that drew me to this one. Although the skirt is just "eh" the bodice is quite lovely.

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