Thursday, December 27, 2012

Most Adorable Young Miss Bustle Dress

From the seller:

Little Girl's 1870's Bustle Gown in Wine-Burgundy-Chocolate Brown: This 1870's child's bustle gown is made of silk brocade and chocolate brown and burgundy silk. In the skirt four pleats are brown and the next four pleats are burgundy and it repeats the pattern all the way around. The underarms are the deep brown. This shows the utilization of fabric in the day. The dress is trimmed in a cotton velvet in a diagonal design. The dress is in good vintage condition but there is some splitting and wear to the sleeve fabric. It is not real visible when you have the dress displayed. The vest needs to be stitched back into the lining about four inches on the right side and about 2 inches at the top on the left side. In the back there is one brocade gathered band missing. See photo. There is some underarm stains. Overall it is a great example of a child's 1870's bustle gown. The bust is 29 and the waist is 29 and the shoulders are 11 inches on the bodice. The skirt has a waist of 25 and a length of 28.

From Me:

Why can't we dress like this anymore? I know I'm supposed to be a grown up but I'd wear this!

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