Friday, December 14, 2012

1920's Fushia Sari Dress

From the seller:

Gorgeous 1920-30's Fuchsia Silk Metallic Lame' Dress MED

This beautiful 1920-30's dress is made from a silk lame' in fuchsia. It has a lion coat of arms type of design. The dress is cut straight but has gathers on the side hips with a band over the gathers. There are long ties attached at the shoulder, it just occured to me that maybe they should be wraped down around the midriff and tied at the waist, will try to get photos of that way to wear the dress and add them. There is some tarnish to the lame' that shows in the photos. It measures 42 inches around the bust, waist is 41, hips are 43 and it's 47 inches long. Other than tarnish, excellent. There are no openings, so allow wiggle room to put it on.

From Me:

I swear, this looks like it was made out of a sari. Wouldn't you love to see cousin Isabel wearing something like this to shock the family in season 4 of Downton Abbey?

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