Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Black 1920's Dress

From the seller:

Very lovely old dress from the 1920s era. This is shiny black silk with a blue striped collar and matching cuffs. This has a tie at the neck with 6 covered buttons right below the opening for the neck...details! And those 6 buttons are repeated again at the bottom of the drop wait area. Details! Long sleeves with the blue striped fabric on the cuffs. Openings at cuff has two of the same buttons with snaps to hold the cuff opening together, a couple of the snaps have lost their mate to close. The skirt below the much dropped waist has two inverted pleats, the back is smooth. Dress fabric is strong, the threads are weaker as a usual thing in very old vintage clothing. Thread dry rots long long before the fabric does. Therefore, some garments need to be totally reseamed. This one is pretty intact except for a 3" place right in the center seam which I've shown in the photos. Easily stitched up. If you need more photos, just email me and I will send any close up or more pictures if you need. This is in remarkable good condition .

Measurement's are
bust 36" all the way down to the drop waist or hips which measures 40". Dress is 43" from shoulder to hem. Across back shoulders 14". Only opening for this lovely old dress is the neckline and it opens to about 12" across flat..which is 24" total.

From Me:

This looks late 1920's to my eye but definitely that era.

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