Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MINE! 1826 Cotton Print Dress

From the seller:

Offered for study, a charming original circa 1826 young lady's calico sprig printed cotton one piece day dress. A lined and stayed bodice piped at the seams, with a two part blind hook and eye closure at the back, a fashionably high cartridge pleated waistband, stylish sleeves, and an unlined skirt with a deep faced hem. 14" from shoulder to shoulder, a 30" bust, 25" waist, and 51" from shoulder to front hem. Recently de-accessioned from a New York State museum collection. In clean sound as found condition, with a little perspiration color at the neckline, wear to the piping there, a few very tiny age spots, pin dot to 1/8" holes overall with larger surface holes at the neckline and shoulder tops due to failure of the cloth beneath the printed sprigs. All is reflected in the reserve price for this rare circa 1826 young miss's dress.

From Me:

I bought this one. I couldn't help it. I now have it at home and it's lovely. The bodice is quite small - from the point of the bodice to the neckline is about the same and the length of my hand. Despite some of the pin holes on the shoulder, it's structurally sound. The interesting thing is that someone sewed a piece of boning in at the front - I doubt it was original to the dress and it looks like it was added later for structural support. All and all, a lovely dress.


  1. Replies
    1. I probably should take some interior pictures and post those, shouldn't I? :-) It's amazing to look at in person.

  2. It´s lovely! Yes, please take some detail pictures!!

  3. congratulations! What a lovely piece. Yes, would love to see some interior pictures. - Emily