Monday, December 5, 2011

Late 1860's Beaded Jacket

From the seller:

Up for bids is this antique c. 1860's dark olive green velvet embroidered beaded fringe needlework ladies jacket.
All hand done, hand tailored.  The details and workmanship on this piece is magnificent.  A lot of time went into creating this fine ladies jacket.
There are weighted, perhaps coins, in the front hem to keep the jacket from rising up.
 Heavily beaded with black beads and embroidered beads in different shapes and sizes that are used on all the fringe. 
Some needlework has been separated from jacket, the front part on each side, especially the left side is mostly separated from the velvet.
There is a crewel work embroidered pattern and then the beads are added to the embroidery.
Please see photos for the best description.
Condition:  There are rips, tears , fringe and beads missing, some holes and is most definately worthy of a good restorer to bring this magnificent jacket back to it's former glory!  Well worth it.  The velvet fabric which was once rich and thick is worn in areas and but still retain it's richness
Please feel free to ask any questions before bidding so no one is disappoinbted regarding the condition.  Ther is no odor.
Inside lining is a beautiful green satin and it is in remarkably good condition except there is a strip that is hanging off on one side, please see photos.
Measurements:  It is for a smaller woman. 
14 1/2" from under arm to opposite under arm
30 1/2" from top of front collar to hem.
13 1/2" from under arm to bottom of sleeve
These are all approximate sizes.
Again, please ask any questions before bidding,  especially regarding condition so the winning bidder will not be disappointed in any way.
Shipping is $15.00 to anywhere in the USA.
It really is a work of art.
Thank you very much for looking!

From Me:

I'm putting this in the late 1860's/early 1870's.   The sleeves are very 1860's but the "butt flap" for lack of a better modern way to describe it (sorry!) is more in line with the 1870's.  This jacket could have been remade (the beading seems later to me, like 1880's later...) and various elements were added or subtracted over the years it was worn.

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