Monday, December 5, 2011

Purple and black Edwardian Dress

From the seller:

I found a box of great vintage clothing that I had stored away, as they all needed mending. I finally realized that I was never going to get it done myself, so I will be listing them on ebay. Some of them just need a little TLC, and others are good for patterns, study, parts, or display. They are all being sold as is.

This was a very stunning gown when it was first made. It is made of purple satin bodice and under skirt, with a sheer black stripped overskirt and sleeves. The purple bodice also has nude netting shoulders and yoke. The overbodice is of sheer black fabric. The overskirt is trimmed in purple satin with a satin cummerbund, and a long satin ribbon covering the skirt placket. It closes at the side waist, front waist, and bodice with snaps. The issues are as follows: one sleeve has one horizontal pleat, and the other one has 2 which makes it shorter than the other one, I don't know why?! There are 2 small tears in the black sheer fabric on the right back of the bodice, the sheer black stripped overskirt has numerous slits, which are kind of hard to see, due to the color, but I tried to get some pictures of them. The bottom of the purple satin underskirt has shredding and damage all around the hem. Could probably be re-hemmed shorter to take care of that. There is some light fading to the underskirt in places, and it could use a cleaning. It would be a great piece for study, pattern or display. Measurements are approximate and for information only. B=40", W=32", H=42". This is being sold with no reserve, and a low starting price due to the issues involved. It is being sold as is.

From Me:

I love the look of this. The angled lines in the bodice show modern cutting lines- to the point that you could almost wear this dress today as is without anyone batting an eyelash. The natural waistline points to this being closer to WWI -if not worn during WWI- than the early teens.

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