Thursday, December 6, 2012

1920's Bathing Suit

From the seller:

Antique Victorian Turn of the Century Black Cotton Sateen Bathing Suit With Over Sized Pointed Pockets

This bathing suit dates to the Victorian turn of the century and is fashioned of black cotton sateen with a white piped edging along its top. Each shoulder buttons closed, the buttons on each shoulder are odd additions, each shoulder is even with two different buttons on each. The strapping of the shoulders is most unusual, fashioned of matching black cotton in crossing strap fashion, one is in need of re-stitching to put it back in place. Most unusual are the side pockets which rise out of the garment in pointed effect with the edging of attachment in a white looped stitched trim. No bottom bloomers were found with this piece, a very unusual piece for the collection. Measures 42 inches around the chest with it flaring to 60 inches around the bottom and measures 36 inches in length from shoulder to bottom edge.

From Me:

Definitely NOT Victorian. Rather, this is an early 1920's styled bathing suit! The pockets indicate that this is probably from the same time when panniers became popular again in the 1920's. Fabulous!

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