Monday, December 10, 2012

Fabulous Bustle Era Gown

From the seller:

The big bustles and trains that were the c1880s! ( oh, before I forget sorry this gown does not come with bustle, I have a false bustle on
dress form). And while were at it, of course the bodice is tiny. It is missing all the buttons, and is showing wear under the arms. The fabric
is an inexpensive blue/gray wool serge, but the PURE SILK GOLD IRRESESCANT fabric that trims the gown is remarkable. None
of the photos convey this, I am sorry to say. The fabric is sturdy and sound including silk trim but there are stains as shown in photos.
Nothing that jumps out at you. The cloth stays that hold up the skirt are still attached and the skirt has one pocket. Again, their are
what look like water stains on lower front and various small staining throughout. Also the 'peplum' sides on skirt are unstiched. (Which might
be a good thing if you want to remove this.)

This is a no return so please ask any questions you may have and PLEASE wait for invoice with exact ship quote.


On Oct-18-12 at 14:26:35 PDT, seller added the following information:

CORRECTIONS: The word is IRIDESCENT , and 'peplum' sides on skirt should read .. sides of bodice.

From Me:

So lovely! I had to post something today and I'm glad I got to post this. :-)

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