Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1890's Pink Bodice with Green Details

From the seller:

Today I will be listing everything from my mothers and grandmothers collection with a starting price of $9.99. No reserve and no exorbitant shipping fees. So for the equivalent of what you might spend for three Happy Meals from McDonalds, you could have something very old and very cool.

In my listings you will find items from 1830-1980. Check out my other items, there are over 60 of them and I add more each day.

This is an antique blouse from the 1890's for salvage or craft purposes.
I wish moths had become extinct with the dinosaurs..... There are several moth munchies on one sleeve that I photographed for you, and at the top of the shoulder. There are scattered moth munchies on the other sleeve and 5 small ones on the front.
This is such a pretty color pink. It has large puff sleeves that taper to the wrist. Gathered at the collarbone the seam is covered in chartruse green silk ribbon. The same silk ribbon accents the waist, but it is frayed. If you wish to repair the blouse, this color is particularily available this time of year in any craft store.
Look closely at the interior lining. It does not look like this blouse has been worn. It is clean as a whistle with no rips nor tears and there are no perspiration stains beneath the arms. All eleven stays are completely intact. You could remove the pink and use the liner as a base for another blouse.
It does look like there was a silk lace trim along the closure that is no longer there. Because I would love to see this piece restored, I am including a piece of hand crochet lace that is incredible. Look at it with the zoom. So intricate. There is enough for the closure with about 5" to spare.
Bust: underarm seam to underarm seam 30" waist 24" sleeve 25"

From Me:

I got outbid on this lovely. I really wanted it because these are so my bright, obnoxious colors. This is *exactly* what I would wear if I were alive in the 1890's. :-) Oh well, what I won the other day is far far sweeter....

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