Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Black Natural Form (?) Skirts

From the seller:

For your consideration is this Victorian Black Silk (I think) Mourning Ruffled Skirt and Petticoat. The skirt has 3 rows of detailed ruffles, gored all around. It measures about 38" long and the waist is about 12 1/2" lying flat across. The skirt has a number of tears. The Petticoat has 3 rows of ruffles and drawstring waist. It measures about 32" long, and appears to be in nice condition.

From Me:

I think these are Natural Form but it's very hard to tell from the blurry pictures. I wanted to include them, however, because I love the ruffles. :-) And the close up on those are pretty decent photos.

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