Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1920's plush winter coat

From the seller:

Antique Vintage authentic Victorian Edwardian velvet (plush) winter coat M-L

This stunning coat was made more than 100 years ago. Fabric - 19th century silk velvet. Unlike modern velvet this fabric has a good weight and it has some thickness. I think at the time this kind of silk velvet was called "plush."

The coat is warm and great for a cold winter day.

The collar holds any shape you wish: it will stand vertically, lay flat on the shoulders or hold an in-between position.
Though the upper button is missing, there is a silk cord at the base of the collar that can be fastened in a small bow tie.
Two large pockets in front.
Four large period buttons.
Lining - black heavy period silk, a bit glossy (see photo # 22)
A tie and loop inside.

Very good. Pile loss at the edges of the pockets, sleeve cuffs and frontal panels where the loops are located.
One button is missing.
Lining condition - great.

This coat has an edgy elegance and style that clearly influence some designers, like Vivienne Westwood and Lilith of France.

From Me:

I would love to see a photo of someone who looks like Clara Bow wearing this. It's not "19th Century velvet" but a lovely example of an early 1920's winter coat. The buttons to the off side mimic the mode that was followed in the 1910's but the lowered waistline (notice where the coat gets very full) is something that came into vouge in the late teens, early 20's. I would have liked to have worn this this morning!

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