Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1890's Big Red Bow Bodice

From the seller:

This is an antique Victorian 1890's blouse, that would go with a bustle skirt. I can't tell you how awsome the lace is on this garment. Please look at the close up pictures- it really is quite beautiful.

It comes from the collection that was my mother's and grandmother's. It is trimmed in beautiful crimson red velvet. The colar is attached but wraps arround the neck and secures beneath the bow.

I wish i knew more about how to describe the lace that is here. Those of you who know lace, have the true advantage. I see no rips in the lace, tho it could do with a gentle cleaning as it has been in storage for quite some time. There are two soil marks which likely would wash out.

It is made of a striped wool fabric and has 13 steel stays at the waist. Boy, trying get thru a metal detector at the airport with that one! How times have changed.

There is one hole I have photographed for you, about 1/4 inch in size. It could perhaps be repaid with fabric adhesive and a small bit taken from the inside hem of the cuff.

The volume of the leg o mutton sleeves is enormous at the top. There are very tiny oth munches near the wrists. The inside of the blouse is lined with polished cotton. I is a great piece for restoration or study, as it has so much of the 1890's grandiose character.

Bust 28"

Waist 22"

Sleeve length 21"

Collar stands 1 1/2"

Neck to waist 16"

I will be listing skirts in the not too distant future. There may have been one to go with this blouse but it would be impossible to find it in a timely manner- thus I am just listing the blouse.

From Me:

....the bustle was out by the time these sleeves were in. There is no way this would look good with a bustle skirt, ever.

Anyway, I'm guessing this was a young miss bodice and not a women's bodice based on the measurements.

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