Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Titanic Era Lace Blouse

From the seller:

Inventory no: Wbl.519

Absolutely stunning ,rich creamy victorian edwardian top,blouse with

original tail or train.

The fabric is a rich silk chantilly lace with a wonderful

fern design.

This top obviously at some time had a matching skirt.

Its a two layered top,inner is cotton tulle,outer is silk lace.

Inner layer is blousy ,outer more loose.

Wonderful gathered sleeves with original pearls and rose.

The roses attached on this top,are silk,and have

sadly seen better days.

The tail / train is in great condition and the large beaded

tassel only has one damaged long teardrop pearl.

The pearl trim around sleeves are mostly there.

I saw one damaged pearl.


Material :Creamy chantilly lace

Label :None

Lined : No


Size : XS

Waist : 22-23"

Bust :34"

Length : 14" in the back

Sleeves : 4 1/2"

Across back between shoulders : 12"

Arm pit opening : 7 "

Train length : 39" including pearls

Train width : 12 1/2"

Condition : Great

Absolutely in great condition. Totally wearable

with care. Discoloration under arms

All I could find was a few breaks.


Condition chart:

$ MINT : Either, never worn or still with tags,
its in pristine condition
* Excellent : Worn, but does not show any signs of wear,
that I can see.
+ Great : Worn but near perfect . Small signs here and there .
Pinholes barely detectable flaws, remember it is vintage.
~ Good: Still wearable but needs repair ( new zippers,small holes ,
fading repairs, etc.) AS IS
! Fair : Most likely not wearable for study or pattern making.

From Me:

Detachable tales!


  1. Wow, I've looked all through this amazing blog. It is truly a gem to have found. I love the clothing you have found, and especially reading about what they are made of. Thank you for doing this, even if most of us just look and don't comment! I wanted to comment on a lot, but it's too late, and I'm tired. Glad I found you though. I've been gathering up photos of edwardian/titanic era children clothing. My children and I are in a local production of the music man, and I'm going to make our clothes. Feel free to check out some of my photos of what I've sewn or painted at:

    1. Thank you! You might also go through the archives on the tumblr blog for children's clothing. I can't remember if there is much more, but if you go to you might find some children's clothing for various eras. I started this on tumblr a couple of years ago and then moved to blogspot last summer where I have more control over how things get posted.

      I'm so glad you found the blog. I don't have facebook so I doubt I'll be able to see the pictures. :-(