Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Late Victorian/Early Edwardian Lace Skirt

From the seller:

This is a c.1900 fine wool skirt, in a taupe shade, with tape lace inserts and eyelet work on the wool sections. It has a fitted waist and flares towards the bottom. It closes with two hooks and eyes at the back waist, there is a narrow cotton tape waistband.

With a 40" length in front, the train goes to about a 50" length in back. The maximum waist meausurement is 24".

In good overall condition, with some separating of the lace where it attaches to the wool, a few broken brides, the lace has a few fist-sized areas with some shade variation, where the fabric is a little darker than the rest. The cotton waistband has some fraying, there is a rip off the opening in back, this is visible in the pics below.There are a few smudges here and there.

Would look nice with a white blouse and a black jacket. It is shown over a cotton skirt that is coming up for auction later this week.

From Me:

This could easily go in either the 1890's or 1900's. I get why the seller put c.1900 - it's ten years either way from that! For the sake of simplicity, I'm putting it in the 1900's - however, the style really could go earlier.

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