Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blue 1890's Outfit

From the seller:

Antique Victorian silk jacket & skirt. Jacket is trimmed with silk ribbon, embroidery, lace, black passementerie trim. Silk ribbon is "woven" into sections of the jacket, including along the cuffs. Skirt has a very interesting construction with a variety of panels. Both pieces are a combination of machine & hand sewing. Lace is probably machine made. Embroidery are pre-made pieces sewn onto the jacket. Main fabric is a sort-of a natural or 'raw' silk, or shantung, but does NOT have the odor of raw silk.

Front of jacket is quilted/padded. No boning. Jacket is lined with satin silk. Note: In photos, jacket is "stuffed" to show its shape (i.e., large bust & sleeves)

Skirt is not lined. Skirt has 12" opening in back with 6 eye hooks along the 1st 6" only. Has also 2 vertical eye hooks in back (to connect to jacket? To expand skirt?) Skirt trimmed with a wide black passementerie trim that has a pattern woven into it, which does not meet in the front, but does go all the way around in the back. Edging might be cotton.

Condition: Items sold as-is.

Light sweat stains inside jacket -- see photos. Two very small holes inside jacket on the back and couple in each armpit. No stress along seams. Tear in lace on 1 cuff. Most of the tan silk details have various degrees of wear. Embroidery and passementerie in very good condition. Photo #8 is of the back of 1 cuff, and the other cuff is in the same, excellent condition.

Skirt has 2 holes that are about 3/8" across, plus several pin holes. Some wear in some spots along bottom hem of skirt. Some stressed areas in skirt along seams of panels near waist. Irregularity of color in skirt is more prominent in photo than in person.

Size: skirt waist is 24". Is 38.5" long in the front, 41" in the back. Skirt along bottom is 172" around.

Jacket waist is about 27". Sleeves about 19"long.

Markings/Labels: none

From Me:

I love the vivaciousness of this blue outfit. The bodice is gorgeous and I love the details. I think that the original lining most likely shattered (common) and someone put this lining in. It's very clearly a modern (ie, the person who did it has a good possibility of being alive still) lining but the bodice itself looks antique.


  1. This is gorgeous! I would love to wear it. I'd even think of recreating it if I could find all that beautiful trim.

    1. Hello Val!

      Most of the trim looks to be either a simple, flat, woven black trim or lace. The hardest piece to find would be the embroidered appliques to match the fabrics. I'm sure there are some on ebay that would do nicely if you wanted to recreate it. :-) The skirt doesn't look overly complicated but all those ruffles on the bodice and placing the trim correctly would take a while.

  2. I purchased this blue 2 pc. outfit. It is beautiful. The skirt is a little faded compared to the jacket. The only other damage was to the gold silk ribbon on the lapels.