Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue 1880's Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:

This auction is for a very lovely original Victorian 1880s womens two piece bustle gown that was most likely a wealthy woman's winter traveling / better day dress. Created with a gorgeous shade of royal blue satin and and the most fascinating secondary fabric - I find the fabric used to create this wonderful dress quite fascinating. (it is ribbed very textured and if you remember the fabric that was used on 50s not expensive living room suites/ sofas and chairs this somewhat resembles that fabric. the royal blue stripes are protruding and could possibly be chenille as they are tiny nubs and soft with a velvet feel while the very narrow gold appears to be braided). The 11 metal stayed brown soft polished chintz cotton lined bodice has 22 (with NONE missing) magnificent small floral stamped metal buttons. The long sleeves are decoratively pleated at the elbow, just another added touch to this elaborate dress. The heavy skirt is created with 2 - 18" long built in half hoop like curved stays and a thick built in heavily padded bustle. As you can see in the photos the back has a 21" wode buckram panel that where an 11" back opening accomodating the bustle and the hoops - this is covered with a draping panel that has a small gathering in the center to also create a wider and fuller bustle effect. Further down the skirt and not in the buckram is another built in longer thin metal stay. This intruiging dress is in very very good, very clean, very sound condition. Approx measurements are Bust 34" Waist 24" Front skirt length 40" Back length 45". An elegant, high quality, well constructed and wonderfully detailed dress. I will apologize for my not so great photos, in order to get the best light I felt that I needed to take them outside. This dress displays fabulously on a black background, I couldnt get the lighting well enough with my camera. Please feel free to email any questions.Truly delightful addition to any serious collection. You will not be disappointed. Happy Bidding!

From Me:

Blue! :-) I adore color.

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