Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Early Edwardian Wedding Gown

From the seller:


Circa 19THC silk satin bodice and skirt with ornate embellished pearls and chiffon. The sleeves are beautifully ruched and the chiffon is very strong and in good condition which is rare.The embroidered pearl decorations add a refined and extremely elegant touch. . The label reads "Lockhart ", there is a eagle and some type of heraldic design.The voluminous skirt has ruffles of silk chiffon . A beautiful outfit, entirely hand made.This is for collector.. perhaps to copy etc, mannequin.

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Item Measurements:


Item condition:

In mainly very good condition.. but there is some damage in silk. Overall most of the outer silk is strong, but there are scattered areas of wear. It is strange because it seems rarely worn.. I just think time element etc woudl accoutn for it as it surely was not worn often at all.The inne lining seems to have the most wear.... shattering etc.The chiffon is in quite remarkable condiiton..usually not something one would see. Overall this gown was kept in very good condition, acid free boxes etc..Dirt mark around edge of gown. This is a beautiful outfit, perfect for study, for mannequin etc... as for wearing..I cannot imagine that would be a good idea as it is quite beautiful and probably best for collector etc.Any questions email me....All items we list need to be cleaned.

From Me:

The sleeves! Oh my! My hands hurt just thinking about all those pintucks!

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