Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So cool! Same fabric, different shaped bodices from the 1890's

From the seller:

This is a lot of 3 bodices, each in the same mulberry on white print floral pattern. The first has a narrow sleeve with a very interesting detail at the shoulder, where the fabric is caught up at an angle and comes to a pont a little further down. It closes with hooks and thread eyes, a few of these don't seem to work, I can provide a metal set to replace if the buyer wishes. Shirred at the pointed waist in front, it has a 32" bust, 24" waist measurement, measured at the outside. There is some discoloration to the back cotton lining which does not show through to the outside, this is about the size of a fist. There are some small, scattered spots, no holes, splits, weakness in the fabric.

The second bodice is in the same basic style, but with a slightly larger sleeve. All the original buttons have been removed. It has a 32" bust. There is some spotted discoloration here and there, no holes or splits.

The third bodice has a cotton lining which closes with hooks and eyes, no other fasteners. Like the first bodice, it is shirred at the waist, and has a cotton lining. With a lace collar, and just about the largest sleeves I have ever seen, it measures 32" around at the bust, not extended to it's maximum, 26" around at the waist, it's 11 1/2" between the shoulder seams.

There is some light discoloration to the back area, and to the sleeves, a few darker spots to one of the sleeves at the back, which you can see in the side view below. There is a 2 1/2" separation from the narrow cuff at the wrist and the balloon sleeve, but it's not torn.

The fabric on all of these bodices is strong, the color is consistent throughout the 4 garments: the 3 bodices, along with the dress I also have listed.

From Me:

I love this! The same print, all probably from the same year (a seamstress' workshop?), all in different fashionable styles from the mid to late 1890's!

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