Monday, February 27, 2012

Edwardian (?) Lace Dress

From the seller:

handmade lace victorian dress

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From Me:

I have my reservations on posting this one. I don't really think it's antique. The lace itself might be, but I'm not sure on the dress. They back drape, the whiteness of the middle band area compared to the soft cream of the rest of the dress - it looks like a reproduction to me. A good one, but a reproduction. Unfortunately, as you can see, the seller gives us nothing.


  1. It looks more like it's been "repaired," to me. The dress itself seems antique, but someone came along and replaced the waistband and ... did something to that back drape. Can't tell what. Maybe it was originally sewn down in some way, and when they went to redo it they couldn't figure out how it had been done?

    1. What it *might* be is the lining to one dress with the lace from another dress over it. It looks like someone took the matching shawl and sewed it on backward directly to the bodice to create the drape...maybe. It's a confusing piece but the lace is still lovely. ;-)