Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Edwardian Maternity (?) Corset

From the seller:

Boy, what we gals go through to look georgeous.... and what our great great grandmothers went through was just torture! No wonder they fainted so much in those days!

This is an antique whalebone corset made by Redfern. It is stamped Redern Warranteed Whalebone Style D.

It is part of a huge collection of antique clothing that was my mothers and grandmothers. The corset laces in the front and on an angle at both sides. It is made of cotton and has hooks and studs in the front. The hooks are engraved "Redfern" Two hooks that would have tied with a ribbon at the very top will need replacing. There is a quarter inch or less tear near the line of studs. A pinpoint burn mark I have photographed for you. It will need a gentle washing as it has been storage for a considerable length of time, there are faint perspiration marks.

An knowledgeable Ebay-er informed me my inital photographs had the corset upside down, I have since retaken the photos. The same person also mentioned that this is perhaps a maternity corset- the angular laces in the front would allow for some tummy growth I think.

It is 13" long in the back and laced and opened it measures 23 1/2 inches. Two of the stays are open at the bottom, one at the top. The cotton fabric is strong and sturdy. The waist cinched all the way is 22". It made a true hourglass figure.

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From Me:

::facepalm:: Really? Yes, because the corset is so much more torturous than getting sliced and diced with liposuction or taking non approved diet pills. Obviously, this seller has bought into the lies regarding corsets and what women wore before WWI.

Anyway, I think, given the placement of the side lacings, that this is actually a pregnancy corset from the Teens Era.


  1. Ha! I'm currently making a 1903 s-bend corset and kept saying, "what?" while reading the seller's description.
    Like you, I'm always trying to correct those old wives tales of torturous corsets. Yes, there were the fashionistas back then that would tightlace, just like we have those Wonderbra and Spanx ladies today. But don't you think most women would have wanted to be comfortable like most of us? I always get a laugh when someone pokes me and gasps, "you're wearing a corset!" I poke them back and say, "you're wearing a bra! Same thing!"

    1. :-) I'd point to something like this and point out we still have corsets. They just call them "waist slimmers" now.

  2. Over 3 years and as a pregnant person I found my corset to be much more comfortable than spandex anything or pants! I happened on this as research for a new corset for when my golly gets too big.