Friday, February 10, 2012

Stunning early 20th Century Kimono

From the seller:
From the 1920s comes this incredibly beautiful trapunto hand embroidered kimono. The base fabric is grey silk and the flowers are melange of creme and pink. The arms are full and lush and the body of the coat has inserts giving it an amazing sweep. It is lined with sheer grey silk. The overall condition is excellent with minimal age related issues. There are two small stains on the interior lining and upon very close inspection random small and barely noticeable spots, which I mention for accuracy. Additionally the tip of the hem shows wear where it touched the floor. A new quarter inch hem would totally solve this problem. For a kimono verging on 100 years old this one is an incredible wearable winner.
Length: 52" Hem Width: 90" Sweep Size: Very full - One Size Fits Most

Please don't hesitate to email me with questions. I try to answer same day as received and I'm friendly.

From Me:

*making grabby hands* I so want this. Unfortunately $495 is about half a plane ticket to Ireland or 1/3 of the Pennsic Home I want. So, no go. :-(

I'm not sure it's 1920's - I believe it's older. The Edwardians were big on anything Japanese and the kimono was considered the perfect lounge wear in the Western World during that time.

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