Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wonderful 1880's Summer Dress

From the seller:

This is a very pretty, white on white stripe sheer silk two piece gown from about 1880. It's trimmed with silk bows, closes in front with hooks and thread eyes. The bodice has a separate, heavy cotton lining which buttons in front, there is a lace ruffle at the wrists. The underskirt consists of a heavy blue polished cotton, the blue showing under the sheer fabric. Peeking out from underneath the hem are a blue silk ruffle and some lace edging.

It's 34" around at the bust, 26" around at the waist, 12" between the shoulder seams, these measurements have been taken outside the garment. The skirt is 42" long in front, 55" in back, making a nice train. Waist is about 24", there are no closures.

There is a hanger acommpanying the dress id'ing it to a Helen Tyler Brown, stating that it was worn in the 1880's in Washington, DC.

A very nice looking dress, in good overall condition, but does have many scattered holes to the silk fabric. The worst is on the underskirt, there are smaller areas throughout both pieces. These are somewhat camouflaged by the lining. There is a group of light spots in the front, I have shown this below, along with some of the holes. There are also a couple of dark spots to the skirt that are hidden by the overskirt. The underarms are good, there is no splitting.

From Me:

So, I was curious. I wanted to know who the heck this Helen Tyler Brown person was. Apparently, she was an author (among other things) and you can read more about her here if you like.

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